The Team

The Blocksee management team is comprised of experienced technologists and entrepreneurs who have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in market value, including deep expertise in SaaS, CRM, ad-tech, gaming, and blockchain based products.

Eric Forst

- 20 years SaaS executive - Built CRMs for recruiting (Agile1), social media (Visible Technologies) & healthcare (Testd) - Crypto investor since 2014

Matjaz Kotnik
CTO/ Lead Dev

- 20 years of full-stack development - Launched successful gaming and ad tech platforms (GeoMercury) - Expert in smart contract and blockchain development

Joshua Hashemzadeh
CMO / Product Lead

- Marketing & Ad buying for Fortune 100 - CRM & SEO consultant for brands (Arternal) - NFT artist and community member

Piotr Blazewicz

- Operations for Web3 gaming company (Coin Clash) - Blockchain Community Management - Token sale fundraising

Web3 CRM Blocksee

Build websites with no-code Web3 CRM plug ins.

Reduce developer hours for blockchain projects by using token gated web page plugins for Web3 activations and community wallet management.

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